DRYAIR Excellence in Dehumidification

DRYAIR Product Advantages

Stable Efficient Dehumidification Performance

As a result of the application of the world's leading super silica-gel/molecular sieve ceramic rotor and innovative design, the performance of DRYAIR dehumidifiers are effective, reliable and efficient. The humidity of the inlet air being dehumidified is not limited in any way; the energy-efficient and superiority of the desiccant wheel dehumidification is optimized, especially in the case of low humidity requirements of the air.

Full Range of Products / Specifications

From general purpose standard dehumidifiers to ceiling mounted space-saving dehumidifiers to ultra-low dew point requirements that can produce super low humidity dry air, DRYAIR dehumidifiers cover a full-range of applications and specifications, consisting of nine world-class dehumidification series and one solvent-recovery series:



This range of units can meet and exceed the requirements and air parameters of many different industries and residential applications, handling air flows ranging from 200~30,000 m3/hr. DRYAIR can customize larger, non-standard dehumidification units according to customer special requirements.

Flexible Reliable Control Methods

All product series offer three types of equipment operation modes: manual, automatic, and remote control from non-local places. In terms of electrical control, conventional relays are used, in addition to more advanced control means with DDC, PLC and ECS. Various convenient and reliable man/machine interfaces can be optimally selected according to the features of dehumidification systems and user requirements.

Well Proven System Integration

DRYAIR is not only a manufacturing expert of rotary dehumidifiers, but also supplier of system integration. With over 30-years of experience in dehumidification system integration projects, DRYAIR has provided created reliable and consistent temperature and humidity dehumidification systems with various features for different industries. DRYAIR offers full turnkey engineering including water, electricity, gas, and civil engineering.

Manufacturing / Design Excellence

DRYAIR has over 30-years of experience in the dehumidification industry. Our doctoral and MBA management team relies on our strong R & D team and disciplined production staff to design, build, install and service leading and innovative dehumidifiers of superior quality.

Pollution Free Green Machine

As a result of activated silica-gel and molecular sieve, which are non-toxic odorless green hygroscopic agents, DRYAIR dehumidifiers are safe, eco-friendly, clean, dust-free and non-corrosive in the process. Moreover, they can kill bacteria, which is especially suitable for the pharmaceutical, food and biochemical industries.

DryAir  Dehumidification Advantages

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