ZCS-Series Glove Box Dehumidifiers

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ZCS-Series‚Äč Specialized Dehumidification


ZCS-Series Glove Box Low-Humidity Dehumidifiers

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DRYAIR  ZCS-Series dehumidifiers are designed for Dry Boxes and Glove Boxes with very low dew point (-60C -80C) internal requirements. One of the key components of this desiccant dryer is a Molecular-Sieve Rotor, which is ideal when applications call for a very low dew point environment. This high quality rotor performs well when process air is dry and/or hot; or when the environment is alkaline.

The rotor is divided into three sections comprising the 1st Process Sector, the 2nd Process Sector and the Reactivation Sector which make the low dew point process airflow possible. The unit utilizes the most advanced dehumidification technology, and is well suited for Lithium battery Glove Boxes which require an ultra-low dew point internal environment, or other conditions with strict humidity requirements.

  • Programmable controller, Human-computer interface, easy operation.
  • Reactive temperature controller uses P. I. D. which makes the operation safe and efficient.
  • Regular operation and time delay protection function greatly improves the machine's life span.
  • Accurate energy efficient moisture control is energy saving.
  • Programmable computer controller displays each parameter and has automatic diagnosis function.
  • Regeneration and process airflows are filtered, prolonging the service life of the desiccant rotor.