ZCM-Series Custom Dehumidifiers​

DRYAIR  ZCM-Series Desiccant Dehumidifiers are designed to efficiently provide flexible and customized, low-moisture dehumidification with process airflows ranging from 200-500 CMH. High intensity, anti-cold bridge aluminum alloy frames are used with polyurethane sandwich insulation panels to ensure zero air leaks and no corrosion. Units are portable for easy placement; most units utilize 220-240 V power supply.

The electrical control system meets UL and NEC standards. The units are PLC controlled; all controls are mounted in a NEMA 4 control enclosure. Rugged construction makes these units suitable for outdoor or indoor mounting, providing the flexibility to install them at any location at your facility.

ZCM-Series Dehumidification includes all components and controls to operate as a stand-alone dehumidifier; However, ZCM-Series dehumidifiers are often combined with other HVAC components like cooling and heating coils, filters, fans, etc. Pre-designed modules are available as part of our ZCD-PLUS, allowing DRYAIR to provide a turnkey solution to all of your humidity and temperature control needs.   

DRYAIR  ZCM-PLUS add-on modules provide additional process air-filtration, cooling, heating and mixing functions that many end-users require. These add-on modules integrate readily as "bolt-on" housings in-line with the other process air components. The arrangement is skid-mounted, providing the buyer with a single source, factory-assembled package. It requires only utility hook-UPS, chiller/boiler piping, ductwork connections and sensor controller tie-ins on site. If a more complete system offering is required, with condensing unit, piping, integrated controls or other features DRYAIR can provide specification and design process assistance in equipment selection.

  • Weather-tight construction for indoor or outdoor use
  • Low profile cassette design
  • Quick access for easy maintenance
  • Easy duct connections
  • Modulating electric or steam reactivation
  • Multiple blower orientations
  • Built-in bypass option
  • Add-on post-/pre-air treatment options

ZCM-Series Desiccant Dehumidification

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ZCM-Series​ Custom deHUmidification

 Designed for small applications requiring 30-40% relative humidity; Ideally suited for food industries, pharmaceutical, glass manufacturing, storage, document protection, curing and warehouses

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