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ZCH-Series Low-Humidity Rotor Dehumidification

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Based on work principles and technical characteristics of various batteries, including Lithium-ion batteries, thermo-electrical batteries, elemental Lithium materials, etc., battery manufacturing processes require very dry conditions. Low-Humidity dehumidification equipment is indispensably in the manufacturing process of these batteries and materials. This ultra-dry dehumidification capability directly affects the batteries' capabilities and safety. DRYAIR proudly manufactured their first battery-grade, low dew-point dehumidification unit in 1998, and provides outfit engineering for lithium manufacturing worldwide. ZCH-Series Low-Humidity Rotor Dehumidification Units have been engineered using and perfecting manufacturing technical experience for many years. This experience has proven to completely meet manufacturing technical requirements, reducing cost and enhanced economic benefits.

DRYAIR ZCH-Series Low-Humidity Rotor Dehumidification technology utilize compressor, condenser, direct vaporize cooler, dual SSCR or molecule sieve rotors and microcomputer control system.

DRYAIR provides pre-service, sales, and after-service system integration and outfit engineering, including consultation, design, manufacture, installation, de-bugging and system maintenance.

ZCH-Series‚Äč Dehumidification