ZC-Series Desiccant Component Units

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DRYAIR  ZC-Series Desiccant Dehumidifiers are designed to efficiently reduce moisture levels in treated air. Process airflows are available from 300 to 30000 CFM. The unit casing is manufactured of high intensity and anti-cold bridge aluminum alloy frames and polyurethane sandwich insulation panels to ensure zero air leakage.

DRYAIR  ZC-Series includes all components and controls to operate as a stand-alone dehumidifier. Often a ZC-Series Dehumidifier is combined with other HVAC components like cooling and heating coils, filters, fans, etc. Pre-designed modules are available as part of our ZC-plus product, allowing DRYAIR to provide you with a turnkey solution to your humidity and temperature controlling requirements.

DRYAIR ZC-Plus add-on module provides additional process air filtration, cooling, heating and mixing functions that many end-users require. The add-on modules integrate readily as "bolt-on" housings in line with the other process air components. The arrangement is skid-mounted, providing a single-source, factory-assembled package.

The electrical control system meets ISO 9001 standards. The units are PLC controlled; All controls are mounted in a NEMA 4 control enclosed environment.

It requires only utility hook-ups, chiller/boiler piping, ductwork connections and sensor-controller tie-ins on site. If a more complete system offering is required, with condensing unit, piping, integrated controls or other features, consult DRYAIR can provide complete technical support during the design process for assistance in the equipment selection.

  1. Low Profile Cassette Design
  2. Quick Access for Easy Maintenance
  3. Easy duct connections
  4. Modulating electric or steam reactivation
  5. Multiple blower orientations
  6. Built-in bypass option
  7. Add-on post-/pre-air treatment options 

ZC-Series‚Äč Desiccant dehumidification

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